Xavier Caruso; Dominique Cerveau; Sébastien Gouëzel; Xhensila Lachambre; Nicolas Raymond; San Vũ Ngọc
The Annales Henri Lebesgue
Ann. H. Lebesgue 0 (2017)


KeywordsPublication, Open access


After an article is written, there is still a long process before its final publication. In this, we mathematicians play a major role: as authors, as editors, as referees. Currently, we still rely on commercial publishers for several services which could easily be supported by public institutions in today's digital world. In so doing, we are not only obliged to buy unnecessary products at a prohibitive cost but also to hand over our intellectual property, our theorems.
An enthusiastic group of young mathematicians found the energy to create a new journal: the Annales Henri Lebesgue. This electronic journal will be generalist, free and open. We have set up an editorial board, which is more or less representative of contemporary mathematics, from Statistics to Algebraic Geometry Analysis and Probability. The continued relevance and balance of the board will be ensured by its regular renewal.
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